Dec 23, 2009

White holiday

This week, he will be home on Wed evening. Not many activities in the plant he said, I'd better work from home. I don't think he can work from home with 2 kids bugging him around all the times, espesially Rafee.
Weather wise, this weekend, we'll have sunny day, lucky, with white ground enough to make people who celebrate X'mas in classic mode excited than with dry brown grown. Warm enough for people staying outside waiting for electronic shop doors opened in the early morning on crazy boxing day sale. I am still sane, never willing to do that.

We have two gathering invitation, one dinner from Rashed's friend and one luncheon from my Indonesian girlfriend. Last year we got none.

2009 almost ends. Welcome 2010, I am so excited about it, many plans to arrange.. Rafee will start his playschool, I need to extend my PR card, register him to preschool, preparing for vacation to Indonesia, get back to my study. And so on... 

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