Jan 2, 2011

Ohh campus life, I am back

Tomorrow, the third day of 2011 will be my first day to school.. (again) 
Well, should be more than enough to have a 3 week break. I know, it is a week earlier than the semester schedule as I am taking a block week course on Professional  Practise for Geoscientists mainly given by APEGGA member. The course outline is quite interesting.. at least to me.

Ohh.. I really wanna write me here.. but I have nothing really important or let say interesting in my mind..
It has been long not posting any thing here though so many things happened in last 2010 which is just left a couple day ago..  my energy been wasted (sorry kids, been spent) to kids... to house errands..
sometimes itès like never ending work, there is always something to be done..

OK, promise I will write even just a single word, at the worst situation with blank idea to write.. 

bye blog..

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