Dec 4, 2015

LazY friday

Tgif..lazy Friday
It's first Friday I spend with the kids.
Totally relaxed since I lost my job as the contract not extended. I always say.. I believe things happened for good reason.
One day after my contract completed I decided to fly to Jakarta for my dad heart surgery. Solo travel as really different experience. Missed kids around when walking to the the gates.. lined up for washroom. The surgery went well. It was 8 hours. Me and my sisters had a  chance to bind our sisterhood.  We were quite flexible to adjust schedule to sit together with Dad. But mostly I volunteered as I had full time there during the visit.
I had a chance to attend the reunion in abandung on sat Nov 14. 25 years since we entered the geo dept. Overall. Classmates are not kuch different aside from their bulky size.
I still can recognize them well.
Then I had a chance to hang out with my Math friends too, Alissa and Rachma. 

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